Way to go, Heather and Thank You !

 This year, a special "Youth Recognition Award" was presented to Heather Dowdall, daughter of John and Debbie Dowdall from the Myers Neighborhood.  Heather is an 8th grade student at Booth-Fickett middle School. Her favorite subjects include math and history and she stays busy with soccer, track and cross country. She would like to become a Vet. or a Teacher.
Over the last several months, Heather has set aside a percentage of her chore money and gifts she has received.  This month she presented Priscilla Smith, Board Member of the 29th St. C.A.N., an envelope with $119 to be used for their programs. She select this group because it serves people in her local area and because they are seniors who need our help.

                  Special Thanks

to a very special lady we have all come to love and depend on, our site coordinator Linda Ravenell. Unfortunately, due to a shortage of funds we can no longer pay for the site co-ordinator position. Linda will be retiring at the end of the month and plans to travel with her husband. We all wish her well and hopes she visits us often.

 Mary Hillmon         and        Linda Ravenell

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 Outgoing President Jim Jaeger presents Awards to volunteers for their outstanding work in the 29th Street C.A.N.